Freitag, 1. Dezember 2017

A Tribute to James Dean

Many artists are influenced by something.. It can be music, movies, other artists or something completely different than those things. Inspiration can be found in any life situation.
My inspiration nonetheless seems oddly connected to one particular actor:
James Dean.
I'm impressed how often I am reminded of him when I have a closer look at some pictures I took in the last years.
James Dean - although he only participated in three movies - has become a legend. In my personal opinion this is definitely a result of the pictures Dennis Stock took. The fact that photos can have such a great impact on how the world sees a person always affected me and my work.
As a result of my obsession with Dennis Stock and his series about James Dean, photos like the one I show you here emerge.
This is clearly a tribute to James Dean.

Thank you to the incredible 'James Dean' -  Maximilian Fischer

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