Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2015

Meaning of Photography

The difference between 'flawless' and 'attention-grabbing' as regards photographs.

Often it has been criticized that photos are not always perfectly sharp, but is it something that should be criticized at all?
For me the technical perfection is not the most important thing in photography, an unsharp picture might appear much more attractive to the viewer, not last due to its charm - than a sharp, clean one which has no meaning at all.

What is photography all about?

About the feeling you can convey to the viewer of your photographs!
Not about gaining technical perfection, the sharpest photo or the strictest photo detail.

Of course I admire a good photo which is exactly focused and photgraphed well, but I'm more interested in getting the perfect moment on camera.

And here we go: The difference between  'flawless' and 'attention-grabbing'.
The viewer looks at a flawless photo, maybe clicks 'like' on facebook, but he/she will go on quickly.
The viewer looks at a photo which is not 'perfect' and finds it more interesting because not everything is told directly resp. there's more room for interpretation.
For instance you don't want to read the end of a good crime novel on the first page.

While taking your next photo serie; keep in mind:

Rules are meant to be broken!

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