Samstag, 6. Juli 2019


"So many photographers forget the space between model and camera..."

As my professor said: " Photographers often forget the space between camera and model but it is  exactly this space that can make your picture more interesting when it's used the right way."

First, you focus on the subject you want to photograph: the model, dog, apple.. whatever it is. Next, you observe the background: Is there a disturbing tree in the back or does the colour of the wall match the dress of the model? There are photographers who spend so much time thinking about the perfect background - how they can achieve the perfect look, ...- that they forget the last step:
Check out your foreground!
Is there a flower I could put in front of the dog? Even though the flower might appear blurry, this detail can give your photo a whole new look. Try it!
In the picture I show you here, I used a glass plate which is normally used by artists to mix their colours. I was really lucky I found it (the colours matched the whole setting and clothing perfectly ). I took a lot of photos till I found the perfect angle to create this photo.
Search your environment for cool stuff to use in your pictures, it will definitly be worth it.

design | alina schreiter
model | doreen ley
make up | sarah kauth

links: MuA - Designer - Location

Freitag, 1. Dezember 2017

A Tribute to James Dean

Many artists are influenced by something.. It can be music, movies, other artists or something completely different than those things. Inspiration can be found in any life situation.
My inspiration nonetheless seems oddly connected to one particular actor:
James Dean.
I'm impressed how often I am reminded of him when I have a closer look at some pictures I took in the last years.
James Dean - although he only participated in three movies - has become a legend. In my personal opinion this is definitely a result of the pictures Dennis Stock took. The fact that photos can have such a great impact on how the world sees a person always affected me and my work.
As a result of my obsession with Dennis Stock and his series about James Dean, photos like the one I show you here emerge.
This is clearly a tribute to James Dean.

Thank you to the incredible 'James Dean' -  Maximilian Fischer

Dienstag, 21. November 2017


model | max fischer
fotos | anna permesang
university of applied sciences europe - berlin

Montag, 13. November 2017

the red lady

As I strolled through Berlin I noticed this young lady with her bright red coat... It was so nice to see a refreshing colour like this because nearly everyone in Berlin tends to wear only black (that's probably because of the deep autumn depression we all seem to fall into).
And guess what, she wasn't german - a young spanish woman visiting the capital of Germany.
Even though we had some language difficulties - let's be honest my spanish is terrible (anyway thank you to my spanish teacher - it was not your fault!) - I convinced her to sit in front of this awesome background.
I love how the green and red work so perfectly together and create a nice contrast.

Thanks again to the red lady - you really made my day!